Dye, Textile Printing Agent, Auxiliary, Binder, Filmx, Antibacterial Agent,

ー About us ー

Established in 1997 as a Trading Company for dye/pigments of the textile industries in Osaka.

・Dye/Pigments for textile

We handle the import and export of dyestuffs and chemicals for industrial textile dyeing between Japan and the overseas countries. Main trading partners are in India, Thai, Sri-lanka, Dubai, China, Irland, Spain etc.
We also deal in industrial chemicals for dyeing and functional textiles to meet the needs of domestic and also overseas customers, and provide dyeing guidance at overseas factories and consulting services on what kind of dyestuffs and auxiliaries can be used to create the colors your clients want at your factory.

・High functional binder / adhesive for Precision mechanical equipment

With our partner company in Taiwan, the High value-added chemicals such as industrial chemicals, special paints, and high performance adhesives can be exported/imported professionaly.

We work with manufacturers of industrial release agents, adhesives, paints, stamping foils, etc., which are required by domestic and overseas manufacturing sites, and propose the best products for their products.
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・New project – Japan High Quality Umbrella / Parasol

A new project has been launched to introduce Japanese umbrellas with excellent function and design to the world.
According to some survey, Japan ranks 13th in the world in terms of the number of days with annual precipitation, but has the highest number of umbrellas among 35 countries.
We hope to introduce a variety of Japanese umbrellas, including those that can withstand heavy rain and wind, and those with designs that are unique which “only one” to you.

= Company profile =

Founded : January 24, 1997

Representative :  Hiroshige Tanaka

Capital : J\20,000,000 (already paid – up)


        The Senshu Ikeda Bank, Ltd

Sector : Trading (Export / Import / Triangular Trading), Technical Services for manufacturing and application of industrial color

Address : 4F., Koudal Bigobashi Bldg., 1-1-23 Tosabori, Nishi-ku, Osaka 550-0001, Japan

Telephone : +(81) 6 6459 5817

Fax : +(81) 6 6459 5818

E-mail :









・新規 OMOIDE事業

 代々受け継いできた大切な着物、なかなか着る機会はなく手放したいが処分は難しいという思いを大切に次の方へ繋ぐMEGURI PROJECTを始めました。