BINDER – Acrylic emulsion

Hardness: SS(very soft) S(soft) H(hard) HH(very hard)

Acrylic emulsion (SUN ACRYL)

Product nameSolid %pHIonicHard-nessFeatures and ApplicationsTg ℃
ZF-7 ECO408AnionSEcofriendly type / For printing-15
ZF-7 ECO-S408AnionSSEcofriendly type / For printing-25
ZF-13408.5AnionSEcofriendly type Self-crosslinking For printing-15
R-10407.8AnionMEcofriendly type High reactivity with isocyanate For printing-10
FB-810 ECO343.5NonionSSSilicone acrylic Alkali thickening type Ecofriendly type For printing-35
FB354.5AnionSSilicone acrylic Alkali thickening type For printing-30
F-35313.5AnionSAlkali thickening type For printing-20
525Y ECO597AnionSHigh solid / eco type Foam coating-20
CS-314 BH575.8AnionSCore-Shell type eco type / For coating Elastic paint
NH-18447.2AnionMHeat resistant non-yellowing resin For coating-10
#750408AnionHFor hard processing Fiber texture adjustment Low formalin0
FK-11459AnionHFor hard processing Hot melt Foam coating35
NF-06407.8AnionHHHeat resistant Non-yellowing resin For hard processing Glass fiber / For back coat45
HOTMELT AC508AnionHeco type / Hot melt (For thermal bonding)5
HOTMELT ACS508AnionSeco type / Hot melt (For thermal bonding)-15
MC COAT #22B457AnionSSLabel adhesive Fabric fixing adhesive-50
MC COAT #450453AnionHHEmulsion type thickener Water-soluble coating45
ACE-6273.5CationSCation / Acrylic emulsion Improved fastness of dyed fabric-25
M-16456AnionSChemical resistance Acid and reducing agent miscibility-30
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Water-soluble acrylic resin (SUN ACRYL)

Product nameSolid %pHIonicHardnessFeatures and ApplicationsTg ℃
CH-17 KAI406.8AnionHWater-soluble film20
JIBARIJYUSHI No.60327.5AnionHHFor water-soluble adhesive75
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Arylic suspension (SUN ACRYL)

Product nameSolid %pHIonicHardnessFeatures and ApplicationsTg ℃
SP-414407AnionSSMicrosphere adhesive-80
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