block-isocyanate type crosslinking (middle temparatute type)

  • REACTANT E-10 make crosslinkage by baking at higher than 130℃×3min.
  • REACTANT E-10 is non-yellowing type crosslinking, it don’t contain formaldehyde,
    so the worry of allergic symptom and the skin trouble is a little.
  • REACTANT E-10 makes washing fastness and fastness in the dry cleaning
    of the oil system strong, by adding 2 to 5 percent into the pigment printing paste.
  • REACTANT E-10 makes fastness to water and solvent of resin film strong.
  • The printing paste contained REACTANT E-10 can use till about 1week,
    because its pot life is long time at normal temperature.
  • REACTANT E-10 is not include NMP (N-methyl-2-pyrrolidone) .

(1) It is necessary to baking at higher than 130℃×3min.
(2) Please seal up without fail and preserve it, because it hardens when leaving it
with a can opend.

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