BINDER – Polyurethane emulsion


Polyurethane emulsion(SUN PLEX)

Product nameSolid %Ionictensile strength (kg/cm2)tensile elongation %Polymer compositionFeatures and Applications
PUE-100049Nonion150800PolyesterHigh stretch Non-yellowing and transparence
PUE-137047Nonion651200PolyesterHigh stretch Low adhesion Non-yellowing and transparence
PUE-921B47Anion300500PolycarbonateNon-adhesive High gloss Non-yellowing and transparence
PUE-80040Anion200800PolycarbonateSoft film High fastness
PUE-C200B30CationCation Improved fastness of dyed fabric
PUE-74440Anion400350PolyesterFor dry laminate bonding
PUE-435A38Anion400350PolyesterGood adhesion Hot water resistant
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Cross linking agent

TypeProduct namecompositionFeatures and Applications 
Low temp. typeFIXER 70Contains ethyleneimine AnionCrosslink by natural drying Low costAdd 1-5% to the binder
Low temp. typeFIXER 70ECOPCD NonionCompliant chemical regulations with Japan, America and EU Can be used regardless of ionicity
Low temp. typeFIXER 400 FIXER 410No yellowing Polyisocyanate#400 is used for padding # 410 is mainly used for printing, etc. Remarkably improved wash fastness Strongest performance Cross-linking at room temperature Excellent weather resistance
Over 130, One pack typeFIXER 100ECONo yellowing blocked isocyanate AnionLess problems with allergies and skin disorders Added binder can be stored for a long time
Over 130, One pack typeFIXER 104EANo yellowing blocked isocyanate AnionHigh concentration of FIX #100ECO Added binder can be stored for a long time
Over 130, One pack typeFIXER 200ECONo yellowing blocked isocyanate NonionCrosslinker with the same characteristics as FIXER #100ECO Can be used with Cation substances
Over 130, One pack typeFIXER 220No yellowing blocked isocyanate NonionHigh concentration product of FIXER #200ECO