——–We have special printing agent as well, like enable 3D print image on T-shirts.

Ink-jet print (pretreatment agent)

Product nameFeatures and Applications
IJP-PG5For water-based pigments and latex inks. Soft texture. Cation.
IJP-P2For disperse dye ink Used in combination with ”濃染 818”. Excellent sharpness. Cation
IJP-C50For reactive dye ink Good sharpness and coloring. Anion
IJP-NFor acid dye ink Good sharpness and coloring. Cation
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Binder auxiliary and Antifoam

TypeProduct nameFeatures and ApplicationsRemarks
ThickenerVISCOSITY FBAcrylic polymer Synthetic thickenerOther types of HV-1000
EmulsifierEMULSFIER K-3W ECOFor sharpness and fluidity improvementThere are other types of emulsifiers
Gum up preventionANTI-GUM UP AGENT 70ECOGum up prevention (Anti-clogging) Slow drying speed 
Anti-tack agentMC POLYMER M502Anti-tack agent for acrylic binder 
SoftenerSOFTENER A-10Dry rubbing fastness up for dyeing and printing cloth 
Softener Pigment deepeningCOLOR IMPROVER C-55Improvement of Color yield and Softness 
White pigment colorTITAN PASTE #17Titanium oxide dispersion 
Antifoam agentDEFOAMING AGENT #30Mineral Antifoam agent for binder 
Antifoam agentSILICONE BSilicone Defoamer for drainage 
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Remover, Cleaner

TypeProduct nameFeatures and ApplicationsRemarks
Oil baseREMOVER TSOrganic solvent / surfactant adhesive removal Emulsified and rinsed with waterThere are products with different cleaning power
Water baseREMOVER CH-50Surfactant etc. For decontamination of binder ink Adhesion recovery 
Water baseREMOVER CH-60Surfactant etc. For discharge preventive decontamination (tin-based) Adhesion recovery 
Water baseREMOVER BP-WASHSurfactant etc. Water base, For cleaning of screen mesh 
Oil baseREMOVER MEOrganic solvent / surfactant adhesive removal ECO type 
Oil baseREMOVER SDOrganic solvent / surfactant adhesive removal No toluene or xylene ECO type 
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Products for dye printing

Product nameFeatures and Applications
MC POLYMER PM-420Improve sharpness and deepening in disperse dye printing
COLORIMPROVER NP-2Synthetic polymer thickener for reactive disperse dye printing Can be used for discharge preventive printing
COLORIMPROVER PA-30Synthetic polymer thickener for reactive dyestuff printing (Cotton/Rayon)
COLORIMPROVER 818Color-deepening agent for disperse dye. Nonion. 2-4% added to colored paste
WHITENESSIMPROVER MD-70Discoloration and yellowing in discharge and conversion printing
CARRIER C-200Accelerator for discharge and conversion printing
M TEX 4CAnti-migration for padding
MC POLYMER #180For strengthening the coating of printing paste For preventing scattering of printing paste
MC EMULSION H ECOBy blending with printing paste, improved workability, transferability and sharpness
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